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Our mission is to provide you the most unique and suitable guitar by offering more custom options, faster delivery times, and lower prices than most of our competitors. If this is your first time considering a custom made instrument, please click here to learn more about the process and to see a list of frequently asked questions. To see a gallery of our workshop, please click here.


1. Design Your Own Guitar


Do you ever want to own a dream guitar? Contact us with your ideas (graphics files, drawings, etc.) and we' ll help you to turn it into a real guitar. Here you can get assistance from us to make a proper choice of woods and components to create your signature guitar. Or just choose the body & neck shapes from our shop, where we offer a variety of guitar types and models to fulfill a wide range of tastes.


2. Body & Neck Woods


The bodies and necks are constructed using only the finest tone woods. We carefully select all lumbers we use and at the same time concern much about green and ethical problems. We keep an inventory of carefully selected tone wood in stock. Check for availabilities.


3. Hardware and Pickups


We have all the options you can choose from EMG pickups, DiMarzio to Seymour Duncan pickups. We offer a variety of hardware components for your custom guitar, including Floyd Rose double locking tremolo systems, Wilkinson, Tone Pros to Kahler Tremolo bridges. However, if you are looking for something different, please feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.


4. Finish


Guitar finish is very important for the protection of a guitar. We now have full finishing services available for our bodies and necks. See the color chart of the popular solid, transparent and burst finishes for bodies. We also offer a wide variety of Dye Top finishing and some Pearl colors as well. Satin, gloss and tinted finishes are available for necks. You may find some of our custom finishes on our web site; if you want something different, or have any question about the finish, pls email us.


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Now you may have a comprehensive understanding on guitar customization and you can start filling in the quote form to customize a favorite guitar for yourself. Of course, you can just buy one of the already made instruments in our shop. So, what are you waiting for?  

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