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Guitar Pickups
Single coil Pickups

"SB" is twin blade single pickup for strat guitars. The blade metal pole piece is fully shield for cancelling noise, and dual coil wound humbucker for humcancelling. The thin gauge coil wire creates clear and brightness tone.
SE-passive" model is low noise single pickup that shield wire. Epoxy sealed after vacuum wax potted to get rid of microphone feedback at high volume stage. Epoxy sealed to remove hum, buzz which makes sharp tweet feedback. The hybrid inside boosts up the more midrange and delivers warmth and brightness.
"ST" satisfies plays with enough sustain and delivers powerful sound.
"STA" are similar 60's vintage sound with warmth and clear tone used stagger/flat pole piece and ceramic magnet and alnico 5 magnet middle position pickups is reverse wound/reverse polarity to eliminate hum. Bridge position pickups over wound for guitar balance. The color of is consist of four: White(WH), Black(BK), Ivory(IV), Mint Green(MG), option color: Red(RD), Blue(BL).

"HB" The blade pole piece is fully shielded for humcancelling.
HB2 model has the most sensitive and clear sound, epoxy sealed to get rid of microphonic feedback.
HB4 model has four blade pole piece & bobbin, wide range and excellence powerful sound.
"HB-active", the hybrid chip installed prevents micro feedback at high volume stage. It reproduces warm, fusion, deep midrange tone.
"PHS7" humbucker for seven string guitar matches well with ST7 single coil. It is fully wound for hard rock style pickup.
Les Paul Style Pickups

"VL" has five types of metal case with same dimension: les paul, closed, open, open II, open H types. The ceramic magnet model creates more powerful mid-range tone, and alnico v model has vintage classic tone. To remove inner metal case feedback, vacuum wax potted before assembling metal case & pickup, and then wax potted completely after assembly.
"MH" model is narrow field mini humbucking, no noise and warmth, brightness tone."VL" has five types of metal case with same dimension: les paul, closed, open, open II, open H types. The ceramic magnet model creates more powerful mid-range tone, and alnico v model has vintage classic tone. To remove inner metal case feedback, vacuum wax potted before assembling metal case & pickup, and then wax potted completely after assembly.
"MH" model is narrow field mini humbucking, no noise and warmth, brightness tone.
Bass Pickups
Jazz Bass Pickups

"JAZZ Bass" has open(4.5 string), 8mm pole piece(4.5 string), have two type JB(passive, active).
"JBAO" model uses alnico 5 rod magnet, it truly draws out 60's vintage mellow bright jazz sound.
"4JB-8" and "5JB-8" model used 8mm pole piece, it has wider frequency range than JBO.
"JB-passive" model is rich drive punchy bass tone, "JB-active" model has amplifier circuit, it is sweeping harmonic overtone and high power J-bass sound.
Jazz Bass Humbucker

"Jazz Bass" soap bar style humbucker.
"JB-Passive" model made two coil wound tightly for eliminated howling and epoxy sealed to remove microphonic feedback.
"JB-Active" model is designed low impedance to eliminate hard broken sound. It delivers natural warm, strong and range response.
Precision Bass Pickups

"PBO" as PB, it is two- coiled to eliminated interference hum, increases treble, midrange tone, and brings out smooth output sound.
"PBAO" alnico 5 rod magnet bears sweet. Clear vintage tone.
"PB-passive" used shielded wire, epoxy sealed after vacuum wax potted. It is midrange tone without noise and feedback.
"PB-active" is hum-free noiseless operation and punchy midrange P-bass sound.
Please contact us for pricing and availability of other models

Wilkinson Pickups

Twenty years ago the Wilkinson guitar and bass hardware was set up in California and then gradually grew up with its functional, simple and user friendly design, which by far has become the standards of the industry.

Discerning customers and professional players around the world admire and demand the guitars designed by Wilkinson.

The new series combines both the traditional styles and new unique features of Wilkinson designs so that no other guitars can surpass them in style and tone, which requires more attention we have to pay on every key section of the manufacturing process.

No matter what you want, a vintage style instrument or a cutting edge modern guitar or bass, the best hardware choice for you is listed here in our catalogue.

Wilkinson hardware is mounted as standard on electric guitars and basses.

Single Coil Pickups

WVSN Neck – $32.99    WVSM Middle – $32.99    WVSB Bridge – $32.99
A very accurate replica of a 60's style pickup.
taggered polepieces with chamfered Alnico V magnets. Chamfering the polepieces focuses the magnetic field giving good highs but still allowing some mids to come through to stop the pickup sounding thin. Middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity. Bridge pickup is slightly overwound for better balance.

WHSN Neck – $31.99    WHSM Middle – $31.99    WHSB Bridge – $31.99
Higher output version of the WVS.
Non-staggered flat polepieces, ideal if you use a lot of effects. Featuring Alnico V magnets, the WHS pickups are rich in harmonics and natural sustain.  Neck and middle pickups make the best choice for balance if you are running a Humbucker in the bridge position on your guitar. Bridge pickup slightly overwound for better balance.

WVTN Neck (covered) – $33.99     WVTB Bridge (covered) – $34.99
A matched pair of early 60's voiced pickups. This classic combination has been used for the last 40 years to create all styles of music from Country to Rock, Blues and even Jazz. Bridge pickup has raised polepieces for that extra bite.
Humbucking Pickups
WHHBN Neck – $24.99     WHHBB Bridge – $24.99
Open coil style Humbucker with a higher output than the WVC. Harmonically rich with tight lower frequency response. Special windings with ceramic magnets give good highs without sounding thin.  Nickel silver backing plates complete this high quality pickup.
WVHZN Neck – $32.99      WVHZB Bridge – $32.99
Whilst the original spec for Humbucker bobbins was black, a shortage of these items on the production line in the 1950's resulted in bobbins being sourced in "virgin" material (ivory coloured plastic), hence when guitarists started to remove their brass covers, they discovered that some guitars contained what have become known as "Zebra pickups". Some people believe these are the best sounding humbuckers ever. I just think they look great, and by using the same windings as our WVC pickup, they are as authentic sounding as anything currently available.
WVCNCR Neck (chrome) – $48.99      WVCBCR Bridge (chrome) – $49.99
WVCNGD Neck (gold) – $54.99     WVCBGD Bridge (gold) – $54.99
WVCNN Neck (nickel) – $57.99     WVCNB Bridge (nickel) – $57.99
A true classic pickup, wound to the same specification as given to Trevor Wilkinson by the creator of the humbucking pickup design, Seth Lover himself. This is an accurate a PAF-style pickup as is available today.
Special Pickups
W90N Neck – $36.99     W90M Middle – $36.99
W90B Bridge – $36.99     W90SKN Stacked Neck – $28.99
W90SKB Stacked Bridge – $28.99
The P90 style of pickup has seen a resurgence in its popularity during the last few years, as players have really come to appreciate its unique tone. The W90 delivers a fatter sound similar to a humbucker, but retains the brightness and clarity of a single coil unit.
The W90SK is a stacked version of the W90 passive ceramic magnet unit. With black covers, the stacked W90SK offers improved hum cancelling response.
WMSHN Neck – $26.99      WMSHB Bridge – $26.99
Available in black only, these full size humbucking pickups are passive, ceramic magnet units, designed for neck and bridge position placement. They feature individually adjustable polepieces for balanced and accurate string response.
WMSSNB Neck/Middle – $22.99
This single coil pickup is a passive, ceramic magnet unit, suitable for neck and middle position placement. Features adjustable polepieces for improved accurate individual string response.
WMC301NCR Neck (chrome) – $36.99    WMC301BCR Bridge (chrome) – $36.99
WMC301NGD Neck (gold) – $41.99   WMC301BGD Bridge (gold) – $41.99
These versatile narrow field humbuckers, with Alnico V magnets, have a sound all of their own. The perfect cross between the high end of a single coil and the warmth of a humbucker, with the added bonus of "no noise".
Available with either chrome or gold cover options, complete with their own black collar surrounds.
WC90NP90 Single Coil – Neck– $49.99  WC90B P90 Single Coil – Bridge – $49.99
If you're a fan of the P90 pickup but prefer the look of the polished nickel covers on the units fitted to some of the classic late 50's/60's and onward semi-acoustic electric guitars, then the Wilkinson P90 is also available in neck and bridge formats with a smart nickel cover, with the classic 'dog ear' pickup mountings.
Bass Pickups
WBP – $32.99
Alnico V magnets and original spec dimensions give this pickup set a warmly authentic tone and sound. Offering a correctly-voiced medium output which is rich in harmonics, the WBP units deliver full hum-cancelling performance.
WPBE500 – $26.99
Designed for the traditional P-style of bass guitar, the WPBE500 is an active, ceramic magnet unit offering a good combination of warm tones, responsive performance and no-noise output.
WBJBF Neck – $32.99      WBJBR Bridge – $32.99
Sized for front or rear for the correct retro-fit into your existing instrument, these impressive pickups give you the full spectrum of sounds you would expect from a high quality bass guitar. Full toned, with crisp and clear note detail.
WJBE900F Front – $22.99      WJBE900R Rear – $22.99
These active, covered J-style pickups, accurately designed for ease of retro-fit, feature ceramic magnets for optimum performance and tone.
WSM4 4 String – $32.99      WSM5 5 String – $34.99
Large double-row polepiece design for this humbucking bass pickup, available for either 4 or 5-string active bass guitars, offer a big-toned output. Featuring ceramic magnets, these pickups have a high
harmonic content reinforced with fat and funky bass tones.

WSME4 Active – $32.99
An active, fully covered pickup specially designed for the full range output of contemporary 4-string bass guitars. An active pickup which offers full-toned high-response performance and no-noise output.

Seymour Duncan Pickups

Seymour Duncan has spent the majority of his life refining the art of creating guitar pickups. He tinkered incessantly throughout the 1960s, doing repair work for guitar icons such as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix, and eventually opened up shop in California in the 1970s selling custom pickups. Seymour Duncan is still dedicated to getting the best tone possible from his pickups, from modern metal monsters to faithful reproductions of gems from the '50s and '60s. You're certain to find the guitar sound you've been looking for with Seymour Duncan pickups.


Seymour Duncan Pickups Catalog

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EMG Pickups Catalog
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DiMarzio Pickups

DiMarzio guitar pickups give you the tone and output you need to get the most out of your guitar. Dozens of guitar legends have used DiMarzio pickups in their prized instruments, from Joe Satriani and Steve Vai to David Gilmour and Eric Johnson, Jerry Garcia to John Petrucci - the list goes on and on. Ever since the introduction of the Super Distortion humbucker in the early 1970s, players have relied on DiMarzio for a range of replacement pickups that suit their needs best. Take your axe to the next level with DiMarzio!.

DiMarzio Pickups Catalog

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