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Guitar & Bass Finish

Guitar finish is very important for the protection of a guitar. An unfinished guitar may risk some unpleasant affects or harms from surrounding environment. Here is a list of possible affects bellow.

First, to those of light colored woods, a finish can prevent them from color change, avoiding darkening into an unpleasant brownish or grayish color, especially to the parts that often keep touching with players' hands.


Second, a good finish can protect a guitar from absorbing or losing water under different atmospheric conditions. Water change inside wood can not only result in distortion of the wood but also change the stability of the tone. You may have to adjust the truss rod frequently when the weather or the moisture of the air varies swiftly.


Third, although guitars are usually considered of their sounds or tones, it's still important to have a quality guitar with a pleasant appearance. Nowadays it's even more fashionable for guitar players to have a guitar with a personalized finish, and young people tend to refuse things of ugly appearance.


Body Finish Pricing
Finish Type Alder, Basswood, Maple Bodies Ash, Mahogany, Bodies
Clear Gloss $85 $85
Clear Satin $85 $85
Solid Colors $93 $93
Metallic Colors $105 $105
Candy Colors $122 $123
Transparent Finishes $92 $93
Burst Finishes $110 $115
Dyes Finish $110 $125
Flake Finish $122 $123
Neo Finish $100 $100
The price tag here is only for finish, not including body and neck cost.
Colors shown here are close to the real effects but there might be some variations.


Neck Finish Pricing
Finish Type Necks with Maple Fingerboard Necks with Rosewood, or Ebony Fingerboard
Guitar Clear Gloss $40 $35
Vintage Tint Gloss $45 $40
Clear Satin $58 $45
Vintage Tint Satin $65 $52
Bass Clear Gloss $45 $40
Vintage Tint Gloss $50 $45
Clear Satin $62 $50
Vintage Tint Satin $70 $58
The price tag here is only for finish, not including body and neck cost.
Colors shown here are close to the real effects but there might be some variations


Please note: colors here are only for reference and may vary a little following different monitors and display configurations. The nature of the woods may also cause color variations. So the actual finish might slightly different with the images here.


Color Chart

Solid Colors

Natural Colors

Candy Colors

Burst Colors

Flake Colors

Dyes Colors

Neo Colors

Metallic Colors

Transparent Colors


Neck Finishes

Clear Gloss

Vintage Tint Gloss

Vintage Tint Satin




About Custom Finish Time


Custom painting work is usually quite time-consuming. Unexpected troubles may occur through the painting or refinishing operation, causing unpredicted delays, which in turn will interrupt the normal arrangement of all projects. Although we do our best to complete every project in the quoted time (in fact, most times we complete projects prior to the deadline), still we cannot guarantee the time. Weather is also a big problem in turn-around period since we can't do painting job under the following circumstances: high moisture, raining, under freezing temperature, etc. (Please understand what we deal with is wood instead of steel or other materials). So there will be no refunds on paint projects or custom builds even the quoted deadline has passed. Since usually we must have already sourced the materials, paintings, woods, etc and started the project, if you want us to send your guitar back uncompleted, there will be no any refund.  Please take it into account before you send your guitar to us for painting/refinishing work or place an order for a custom project. If you send your guitar to us for painting work or by you place your order for a custom guitar, body, neck etc, that means you have already accepted these terms and conditions.


About Finish Care
As we hand-paint all our guitars carefully, the finish is much durable but still needs care. Please clean your guitar only with a piece of 100% cotton cloth. Wax is recommended to keep your guitar glossy. The perspiration can destroy the finish of a guitar, so that you should clean your hands before you play with your guitar. DO NOT USE Silicon based wax, which may prevent your guitar from being repaired in the future. And Don't use Lemon Oil, too, which may make the finish of your guitar dull so you can never get back the original luster of your guitar.