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Guitar Inlays

Inlays make your instrument more beautiful, distinctive and individualized. At OOAK, you will find lots of wonderful materials that can be used as inlays. Although shell is the most commonly used material, wood is often used as well. The expanded materials were listed here along with shell materials. Related descriptions and terms were also listed below to guide you to select inlay materials.



Descriptions of various shell types and colors you will find in this section.
(Note: Not all colors are available to every type of shell)

Shell Types & Colors
Types Description
White Mother of Pearl or MOP
This silvery white shell is the most commonly used inlay material. Every piece is generally identical with others, reflecting a beautiful rainbow color under sunlight. It is the best material for any dark wood background. Available with dots, curved strips and other shapes listed in next page.
Gold Mop
Similar with white MOP, except the color is gold or bronze. Perfect with gold hardware or where a suggestion of age or warmth is needed.
Black MOP. The color varies from black to smoky or silvery gray. This material often displays stunning rainbow hues.
Red Ablone
Available only with "Abala". Usually it features red or pink streaks, but often has some green, blue or purple streaks. It is a very versatile and commonly used shell for inlays.
It means the central part of a shell. In green abalone it often shows a wavy, burl-like pattern and in Red AB it shows a birds-eye pattern. It is a great choice for sophisticated design.
Green Ablone
This is a kind of abalone shell which shows more green tone along with red or blue tone. Available with "Abalam" and in curved and straight strips.
Paua Shell
(Pronounced "pow-ah") This is also a type of abalone shell which shows more blue and turquoise color, but may have purple or red color in it. It is very beautiful and available in dots and shell edging and in "Abalam", but not as slab shell.
Donkey Shell
This is a white mother-of-pearl type shell, available in "Abalam" only. It is essentially a substitute for Mother of pearl, which is not available in "Abalam". It is a good choice for larger inlays.
Paua Heart
Red Heart
Green Select

Abalone Shell
White Mother Of Pearl
Gold Mother Of Pearl

We offer custom options for personalizing your guitar with your initials. If you select to have a custom inlay, we can offer either a custom truss rod cover or if you like we can build your guitar with a custom fingerboard with your name on it.

Almost anything can be inlaid into bodies, such as patterns in wood, pearl, abalone, or such things as coins, metal scrolling, etc. Pricing is commensurate with the extent, intricacy, and materials.

3D carving (bas relief) artwork is limited only to certain woods, as not all woods lend themselves well to such carving. As we already said, pricing depends on a straight time and labor consumption on such carving.


Custom Body Inlays
Price List: $45 - $150

Fingerboard Side Inlays

White MOP Dot Abalone Dot

Custom Abalone Dot Inlay, $7 for a neck

Standard Inlays
Available at no extra charge!

Black Dot Inlay
White Dot Inlay


Fretboard Inlays

White Dot Abalone Dot Black Dot
Abalone Block

Standard Inlays
Available at no extra charge!

Shark Fin
Split Diamonds

Custom Fretboard Inlay
Price Lists: $35 - $100

Fairy of Water


Man to Wolf

Polka Dot Flying V Guitar w/ MOP Bowties Inlay
Price Lists: $350 - $1000


Les Paul w/ Dragon Inlays
Price Lists: $400 - $1000



Headstock Inlays