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About Us

Artemis Custom Guitars

About Us


Welcome to our custom guitar shop! We have much business with many international guitar shops. For customers’ personalization demands, we set up the custom processing service site, and we will do our best to provide the best service and satisfy your needs, which is the core of our service.


Firstly, our service aim is to build perfect guitars at reasonable cost. As we have been working on guitar manufacturing for many years, we have many advantages in processing skills, sourcing and storing woods, accessories and raw materials. So we can quote a lower price than other guitar shops. Although we do not have world famous guitar masters, we have a batch of conscientious luthiers who have been finely trained and whose products are accepted by global customers.


Our custom shops have some features, as below:


1. Reasonable price


We do not have world famous guitar masters; we have a batch of conscientious luthiers, so we have reasonable quotation which starts from $500.


Of course, lower quotation does not mean bad quality. The reason for our low quotation mainly lies at the low labor cost rather than low raw materials and accessories cost. 


2. Guitar design service

Many customers have unique design ideas in their minds which may be not accurate enough, here we have professional Photoshop designers who are glad to make drawing for you and help you realize your guitar dream.


3. Strictly quality checking procedure


Even customers are satisfied with our guitars, and luthiers will strictly check the guitars and make sure every guitar is perfect before sending them out.


4. Shorter processing time


As we have the ability for OEM, we could build custom guitars in shorter time and have customers get their loved guitars soon.


5. Rigorous purchasing process


Nowadays, consumers prefer to buy from local guitar shops rather than purchase online, because at a local shop, they can touch the instrument by themselves, which makes them no worry!


So, in our online shop we have a set of rigorous service procedure in order to make every customer at ease and fully guarantee the benefits of customers. The procedure is as below:


1. After fully communicating with our customers and the processing is confirmed, a deposit of 6 percent of the guitar price will initiate the building! This deposit is much lower than other shops! 


2. We will inform customers after every processing step is finished and make them fully know the details and have nothing to be worried!


3. When finished building, we will take some HD photos and record mp4 to make sure customers feel they are their loved guitar!


4. If there is any problem, we will improve! If we have no way to improve or the customers are still not satisfied with them, we will refund all money back! This is our promise!!! And also the deposit and bills will be paid through PayPal, and PayPal is a developed payment platform which can guarantee customers benefits.


As every brand guitar is mass produced and every famous brand custom guitar is priced highly and needs long processing time, thus they cannot meet the individual demands of many guitar lovers.


We dare promise to do so because we have many years experience of making guitar and custom service! We have confidence to satisfy our customers and we believe in our customers and we also hope all customers trust us.