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Three Advantages

Artemis Custom Guitars

Three Advantages


Design Service


We offer free design service, including guitar body design, neck design, logo design, finish design, style design, and so on, to our customers who'd like to place orders here in our custom workshop. Just contact us with what you want, we'll work out a design drawing for you and attach our opinion on how to build the guitar, which is totally free of charge.


Short Waiting Time


Components and materials preparation, as well as logistics and schedule arrangement, always results in postponement of products delivery. However, with many years hard work on management and tight relationship with related companies, we eventually formed a smooth way for the whole process of custom building a guitar for our customers. A large quantity of components and materials are in stock for instant use now, so generally it won't take more than 20 working days for us to complete an order, except those of too many custom options, so customers don't need to wait a long time.


Affordable Price


It's well known that a top luthier in the world can do better works than a top manufacturer, so for a long time, handcrafted guitars are always priced high. We don't mean that our luthiers are among the top ones in the world, but the price of our product is most reasonable, much lower than others. We believe high price does not necessarily equal good work, and similarly, low price does not always mean bad work. We will prove to our customers that it's possible to pay less than you imagined to get your favored instruments. The price range mainly from $500 to $1500, few orders cost over $1500, so our price is affordable for most guitar players.

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