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Shipping Info

Artemis Custom Guitars

International Shipping

Guitar Shipping Costs
Our products are shipped worldwide and we have plenty experience with international orders. Generally the shipping cost of a guitar is about $69-$99, depending on your location.
Please be aware that most likely you will be charged with a percentage of the invoice total for taxes/duty fees by the local Customs when the item arrives in your country. The charges are imposed by your own country/government, not by us, so you have to be responsible for paying these charges. Please contact the local customs office for details. If you need our help to pass through the customs, feel free to contact us, and we will provide the needed documents to assist you through the customs. We suggest you discuss this with us before delivery to avoid those unnecessary troubles.
Please Buy a Case
The instrument will be securely packed in a molded foam container before delivery. However, we strongly recommend you to buy a hard case, at least a gig bag, with your instrument, as you know, solely buying a case is more expensive, but much cheaper when buying one together with a guitar. At the same time, you can save $35 shipping cost since we have to spend the money on bubble package to ensure the guitar is packed properly. Please be aware, we never allow returns of instruments without its original package!!! 

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