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Ordering And Payment

Artemis Custom Guitars

Ordering And Payment


How to Order

It's our honor to do business with you. If you are interested in one of the finished guitar in the guitar gallery, please contact us, we'll re-confirm the availability (if not available, you can choose another one), the order specifications, order amount, price and shipping issues for you. Those on-sale/in-stock guitars will be delivered in 3 working days, or if you would like to order a custom guitar, you can fill in the quote form and submit it, and we'll give you a reply about the rational manufacturing advice and proper price in 24 hours. If necessary, we can also offer a design drawing as a reference for you for free. Of course, you can directly send email to us and we will be happy to discuss your needs. Our Email: services@artemiscustomguitar.com.


Payment Options

We charge 6% prepayment for each custom order. The average time for us to complete a guitar is 15 to 20 working days (not include those orders of special requirements). We'll send detailed pictures of your guitar before delivery. If you are satisfied with it and pay the rest money, we'll then deliver the guitar in 3 working days. If you are not 100% satisfied with your guitar, we'll refund your deposit in total. No one else in the business provides such a guarantee.


To secure the payment of all our customers, currently we recommend the PayPal payment. If you want to pay through credit card, bank transfer or other payment, please contact us first.  


PayPal is a more secure, more rapidly, more reliable way to pay online because your monetary information is under no circumstances shared. With PayPal there is no need to look for a cash point or arrange a bank transfer - that makes life easier if you want to send some cash. Just use your PayPal account to send money, whatever the reason may be!


All you need to send money is simply an email address, or phone number, and PayPal will perform the rest. You don't even need the person's bank details.


Therefore we select PayPal; it's secure, fast and easy.



Shipping Info