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Return Policy

Artemis Custom Guitars

Return Policy

Return is an inevitable issue in mail order business. The product you bought from us is under the protection of our 14 days Satisfaction Guarantee and 1 year warranty. Please read the specific terms and limitations in these pages.

Note: Original invoice/receipt is required.

You need a valid Return Authorization number (RA#) to complete the return. To get an RA#, you must
contact us first. A returned package without a clear RA# will be refused automatically.

The item to be returned should keep its original intact condition as the moment you got it. Obviously used items will not be eligible for a return.

Please pack the returned item securely to avoid being damaged in transportation. If the returned item shows any evidence of damage, insufficient packaging, misuse, improper handling or even alteration, it will not be accepted for exchange, refund or warranty consideration.

Custom works are under protection of the money back guarantee before delivery. After delivery, returns are eligible only in the following two conditions. 

1. Mis-delivered Goods

Occasionally the item may be mis-delivered, although we double check all goods before we deliver them. However, once you found the item was mis-delivered, please first of all let us know within 48 hours the moment you received it, which will spare us time to prepare the return arrangement as how and where to return the item. Please do not send back anything without our instructions.

2. Broken in shipping

Each item will be packed well for the voyage before delivery. If the item, as  well as its package, is obviously broken when it is arrived, you should let us  know with all posible details (by email) within 2 working days from the moment  you received it. You should also inform the carrier within 2 working days, too.  If the item was arrived with its external package broken, please deny to accept  it from the carrier and let us know immediately.  Or you can attach a note on  the shipper's proof-of-delivery paper (on delivery demanding a sign), revealing  that the package is or appears to be damaged.

How to Pack a Guitar

1. Tape up the bottom of the box and ensure the seam is secure. Additional tape across the bottom is need to reinforce the secure.

2. Put a piece of newspaper or similar paper at the bottom of the box to prevent some of the packed materials from slipping out of the box when it is mishandled.

3. Fill in as deep as 1/3 of the box with the packing material to make a good cushion.

4. Put the guitar in gig bag or case with the headstock up in the center of the box. Ensure there is extra room on all sides of the guitar to fill in more packing material.

5. Fill in the remaining gaps with packing material to the top of the box, which can get a snug fit once the box is sealed. Remember to put a piece of paper on the top of the box as you did on the bottom of the box.

6. Tape up the edges of the box to enhance the seal.

7. Label the box well following the instructions below:

8. Arrows pointing towoards the top of the box on all sides of the box. Add the word "TOP" to the actual top of the box.

9. Add words "THIS SIDE UP" in capital letters.

10. Add "FRAGILE...PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE" in capital letters on all sides of the box, as well as on the top of the box.

11. Write clearly that the package is sent to Artemis Guitars (the address will be sent to you once a RAC (Return Authorization Code) has been transmitted). Please mark clearly from who it is as well. Put this label on the top or one of the sides towards the top of the box.

Ship Your Guitar

Shipping a guitar is simple - just use plenty of bubble pack following the common sense.

Make sure the guitar cannot move inside the case. This problem can usually be solved by adding a little bubble pack at the headstock area.

Make sure the case won't flop around inside the shipping box.

If there is no case with the guitar when shipping, please make sure there is enough bubble pack around the instrument, 3 layers at least; or maybe a little cardboard in between the layers on sharp corners or at the headstock area would be preferred.

Most music stores have boxes that will be discarded, so you know where to get a useful box. I always advise our customers to keep a couple of boxes around for necessary use in shipping something. Since online shopping become a more and more frequent way to purchase, shipping guitars will be a normal way of life for those who want to own a cool or somehow different guitar from others.

Keeping insurance on the guitar more than its real value is a good method. Be careful with UPS and FedEx because they won't pay claims when they deem the item was not packed correctly, so you must make sure you use plenty of bubble pack.

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