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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Artemis Custom Guitars

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Artemis Guitars warrants our instruments being flawless in materials and craftsmanship provided the instruments are possessed by the actual purchasers, in addition to the 1 year warranty on the pickups, switches, jacks, controls, all other electronic components, tuning machines, hardware, pick guards, plated surfaces, gig bags, cases and case hardware from the date of original purchase. The warranty only applies to the initial purchaser who bought straight from Artemis Guitars, and is also subject to the limited conditions of our workshop.

IMPORTANT:  Please keep the original invoice or receipt, which is the right proof of purchase that can validate the limited warranty.

DURATION: The lifetime of the actual purchaser.

Limitations and Exclusions

Conditions below are not covered by this warranty.

1. Normal wear and tear of Frets, saddle, nut, strings and batteries.

2. Adjustments, setups or any kind of routine maintenance.

3. Finish or wood damages due to humidity, temperature, exposure to sunshine, hands perspiration, fire, guitar stands/hangers made from rubber, vinyl, plastic or other synthetic materials and any other non-approved chemicals.

4. Hardware damages or rusting caused by salty air, humidity or hands perspiration.

5. Damages from any customization or modification measures.

6. Normal wear and tear of any part of the instrument, including switches, tuning machines, jacks, pick guards, controls, zippers, plated surfaces, handles case hardware, etc.

7.All other damages due to normal wear and tear, usage, aging, abuse, accidents,  or Acts of Nature.

8. Instruments without validated serial numbers or the serial numbers were missing, altered or tampered.

9. Instruments purchased not from Artemis Guitars.

The claims above consist of the exclusive warranty for products from Artemis Guitars, which is the only warranty applicable to our products.

Any other mentioned warranties, such as those without limitation or those of merchantability for possible specific purpose are restricted to this limited warranty according to the local laws and regulations.

Artemis Guitars does not assume any liability for property damage or loss of income resulted from failure of the products customers bought from us in any circumstance.

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